In today's talk, digital strategist, Giovanni Gallucci is discussing the evolution of online search that is happening because of the huge volume of voice search – people speaking to smart phones and home assistant devices as their primary tool to search online. This trend means your website needs content geared towards how people speak and ask questions so that search engines will bring that huge volume of audio queries to your site.

Giovanni Gallucci is an Ad Age, Emmy, Telly, and Webby award-winning search engine optimization expert, social media specialist, software developer, and digital strategist. He has a Renaissance soul and combining his range of talents, he delivers effective, world-class social media and marketing campaigns. he builds audiences through targeted, relevant content that engages fans on social networks via photography and video.

Giovanni works with vibrant, energetic brands to increase sales, achieve a marketplace advantage, and outperform competition. Working together with clients, he looks at all short- and long-term digital and traditional marketing activities and get a plan, implements the plan, and adjusts the plan to see continued success.

His expertise is in creating audience interest and loyalty for brands in entertainment, fashion, sports, technology, and food and beverage.

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