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Closing Keynote Panel- A Quick Word: The New Era of Search Marketing
Moderator: Mike Grehan, Acronym
Collin Colburn, Forrester
Angie Benamati, Stanley Black and Decker
Geoff Colon, Microsoft

How is the age of voice search changing organic marketing? At the dawn of search the major problem that search engines had to contend with was very short queries. Single word, two and three word were the norm. “Digital Camera”. What does that actually mean and what’s the intent behind the query? Buy one? Sell one? Repair one? Information retrieval science has come a long way to better understanding intent to provide the optimal end user experience. Then along came voice search.

The new challenge on the horizon is the prevalence of speech-based search. Whether it’s Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa or your phone or tablet (even smart watch and games console) with Siri and Cortana, voice search is big. A leading scientist in the field of machine learning and deep neural networks reported that, as speech recognition goes from 95% accurate (approximately where it is now) to 99% accurate (literally just a 4% shift in accuracy), it will become the primary way we interact with computers. How will this affect us as search marketers? How do you optimize content for speech-based queries? What if the end user is driving and talking to a black screen. How do you provide pay-per-click advertising when there’s nothing to click? Join a panel of experts as they discuss the complexities of what is already a fragmented path to purchase across devices, and the growth of voice search in this new era of search marketing.

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